Monday, May 10, 2010

Fools and Idiots

The whole world is selfish and the exceptions are fools and idiots.


Monday, April 19, 2010

2 Rupees

Mumbai, as in my last post, is unique in many sense. With passage of time I am discovering some of the unique things of city. Six working day at office is certainly not helping the cause.

As in last post, Poha, upma and Idli are most favored item for the breakfast but its the toast/sandwich that is available for whole day. Its quick, healthy and filling( Toast filled with vegetables). However the vendors keep few prepared for evening rush. If you are in hurry and take the ready one you are charged Rs. 12 and if you insist on the fresh piece its cost Rs. 14.

The ready piece is also warm and its not that they are serving the cold one.

As you take a prepared piece they make another ready and replace and the next one again has the option.

Whats the Rs. 2 charged for? May be trust that you don't have in vendor that its stuffed properly or its made long back but that you can find out in first byte itself as you know whats in stuffing. The vendor will not take a chance with the less stuffing as toast vendors are present at max 5 min walk

This 2 Rs. charge is something a puzzle.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First Impression of City

This city keeps surprising me. I have never seen so many variance if you travel for 5 minutes. Sometimes I love it and at others I want to flee away as soon as possible.

What will be surprising for most part of country is totally normal here. You roam around Bandstand and Pawai lake and you will find that whats going on in land of much hyped protectors of Indian culture.

First glance of the city to international visitors from flight window will be one of biggest slums and as soon as they come out of Airport they will land in The Leela. The travel on Airport road (Andheri-Kurla Road) will be crawling and Metro work can make it worse.

In morning several stalls of Poha, Upma and Idli will come up for the breakfast and this is most preferred by bachelors. Toast will be available through out the day and seems pretty much in demand. I will talk about transportation, crowd and food in details in my later blogs.

This city is totally different experience altogether.

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Friday, April 09, 2010

Most difficult work

Everyone say that how their work is difficult. Some crib about it and some love it. I am not going to tell you that I am doing some great job that is different and difficult nor I am going to compare different jobs on different parameter to come to conclusion. Just a thought in mind doing round since long.

With time I have come to believe that most difficult work in this world is to keep everyone happy and satisfied. No matter how hard you try, you will always find dissatisfied people. People who can find mistake and points finger. The appreciations are few and far but criticisms will be continuous.

The best way to move forward and keep doing your work after all as I said that you can't satisfy everyone. Nothing else you can do


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The bluetooth effect

It was always good fun at Hangar (our home after graduation) and I got the farewell gift from friends at time of leaving. I was relocating to Delhi to pursue my MBA. The gift was Bluetooth headset. According to my friends I used to talk a lot and this was pretty evident from my mobile bills. At that time, I told them as well that mostly I am not going to use it as I am pretty comfortable holding phone and talking.
I have learnt one thing that you should never try to predict the future. Currently I am using my headset big time. However, the uses of it is not due to my change in liking but due to my mobile handset Nokia 5610 Music Express ( My recommendation: never buy). My handset has been to Nokia Care to 5 times in its nearly 2 year life 3 times in warranty period itself. Every time a new problem arises. The new problem is with incoming voice so i have to use it on either loudspeaker or use the bluetooth headset. Now with uses, I have found it to be pretty useful and comfortable.
My uses of bluetooth headset has other effect as well. I received lot of comments from all the section. Few call it style and few laughs at it as well. It has been referred as attitude and show of power by few. But no complains, it started as compulsion but now i like it as well except the fear of losing it as I will be helpless without it :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Prepared for the long battle ahead

Path ahead seems to be long and difficult. On the way, there will be disturbing and frustating time, but I need to go through all that. I need to show patience and alertness.
I think that I am ready to face it. I believe that I will succeed in winning this battle.


Saturday, August 08, 2009

Management solved

This post is not to uncover the deepest secrets and give any Gyaan about management. This is about the misconception that everyone holds about a management course and life after that. In general chats with friends I felt that they think that managers are some one who will get the work done from others. they will live life ing size and give ordes and not do work themselves. As most of my friends are in IT domain, I am generalizing that this view is of IT person and their experience.

I would like to confess that I shared their views but not to the extent that I have witnessed in the comments by my friends. An MBA course breaks this myth. You are one out of many and you are supposed to work as hard as in other fields at least in start of your career. I would not like to go in details of the fields in which MBA works hard as its ubiquitous.

A student passing out from MBA course just gets a post that has job title as manager in it. This manager title is not similar to what we witnessed in IT field. Job in finaancial, Sales and trade sector can be as tough or tougher than IT field and working hours and fields can be harsher.

So most of my friends will be thinking by now that why you have chose the field. This question comes again "Why MBA?". I am bugged of this question and will not answer it :)

A simple fact may give some clue that after all the hard work for getting into good MBA college and passing out from their your remenuration can be higher and this leads to other misconception about MBA that I am not going in to.


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